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Global Recovery

Global Recovery

Global buy's, sell's, and recycles scrap plastic, obsolete plastic parts, plastic regrinds, baled plastics and virgin resin. From empty drums, totes or pails to line purges. We also offer Chemical Recycling Solutions for obsolete, contaminated, spent and outdated chemicals that would otherwise take up space in your warehouse and eat into your overall profitability. 

We offer disposal options for Hazardous and Non Hazardous materials that can not be recycled. Please ask your representative for help.


We only use state of the art facilities that enables us to Recycle, Reclaim or treat waste by utilizing physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes. With our unique connection with WEB sites across the globe even the reuse of your waste is a possibility. Global provides a wide variety of industrial waste disposal services.

Hazardous Waste Treatment

Waste Material Recycling

Battery Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

Plastic Recycling

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At Global Every Day is Earth Day

Protecting the environment is a major concern to almost everyone today. Our landfills are overfilled, Our rivers, streams, lakes and underground drinking water supplies are becoming polluted at alarming rates. Those of us who care about our environment are taking action to stop the destruction of our Earth and the nurturing of our Earth begins.

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